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The Future of

As you may have noticed, it has become a lot more silent here over the last months and even years…

Channing and myself have come to the point where we do not feel the passion for Tabrett anymore as we did back in the days. So we decided to close this website if nobody else is willing to take it over. We reached out to a few people already but none of them were able to take it.

If you are passionate and like to run this site or a new site about Tabrett, we’d like to hand you all the content that we have. Therefore please send an email to darignac (at) gmail (dot) com.

This site will shut down finally in May 2017.

Tabrett in Mistresses

Tabrett appears in Mistresses seasons 4 as a regular named Kate Davis. Here are some stills from it:


OREN on Vimeo

The short OREN starring Tabrett Bethell is now available on Vimeo for streaming and download:

Nomination for best lead actress

Tabrett has been nominated for the best lead actress (as Emile in Oren) for the St. Tropez International Film Festival, happening 10th – 16th May in St. Tropez.
Check out the other nominees here.

Oren wins twice at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

The independent short film “Oren” starring Tabrett as lead has won two prices as the 2015 Hollywood Reel Independent Festival (HRIFF):

Best Actress Tabrett Bethell


Best International Short Film


Congratulations to Tahyna Tozzi for making this successfull movie and to Tabrett for an awesome play!

Tabrett’s response to her win can be found at the Oren Facebook page:

Wow.. This is indredibly awesome.. I’m truly honoured and so thrilled that “OREN” touched so many hearts.. The film could not have been made without the writing and visionary talents of Tahyna, her graciousness on allowing and entrusting me with her story , Our producer Kai for keeping us all afloat and Larkin for his DOP magnificence and of course everyone who donated through kickstarter.. From the bottom of my heart thank you to everyone who believed in us.. TABRETT x

Sanctuary short on Indieflix

Sanctuary, a short movie starring Tabrett (we reported a while ago), is now available on Indieflix. Tabrett plays the role of Lia, here is the summary of the plot:

After witnessing her father’s murder, Lia is institutionalized to help her recover, but the memory of her father’s murder continues to haunt her. As a coping strategy she retreats to her Sanctuary where her memories and the real world start to collide.

Indieflix is an online video streaming platform focused on independent movies.

You can find Sanctuary here:

Here it is, the first trailer for the Oren movie:

Oren Photoshoot

Tabrett and Tahyna Tozzi-MacManus, the director of Oren, were both together in a photoshoot by Gemma Pranita. The images have been added to our Oren gallery. See them all after the break.

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Tabrett and Bridget Confirm Official Accounts

— Bridget Regan (@BridgetRegan) January 22, 2014

Follow Tabrett now on Twitter: @therealtabrett and Instagram: @therealtabrettbethell. And don’t forget the lovely Bridget Regan (@BridgetRegan).

Oren: From the Mud Grows the Lotus (a Kickstarter campaign)

The new movie of Tabrett, Oren, has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund money for the production. Please support it on its page. Watch the campaign clip below and enjoy some Tabrett:

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