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The Tomorrow People Audition

UPDATE January 18, 2015: Sorry, everyone. I didn’t realize the YouTube video had been taken down. Good thing I’d saved it! I have uploaded it on our site for you to enjoy.

There is an audition video of Tabrett in Vimeo with the title “The Tomorrow People”. Unfortunately there is no further information. I would guess it is an audition video for the new “The CW” series “The Tomorrow People”, that you can find more information about here.

Anyways, here is the video:

The full 6-minute video is here.


UPDATE July 25, 2014: The Vimeo clip has been set to private, but someone has uploaded the video on YouTube (though in lesser quality).


  1. That’s mean she is back ! Or I least she try 😀
    I fucking want her in Game of Thrones for the character of Val !
    How it’es possible that nobody give her a lead role in a great movie or series… she is just an amazing actress.

  2. I can’t believe that nobody has saved this video…

  3. This video isn’t the full one, you can watch it here:

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