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From Sidekick to Series Regular: an Interview

I honestly felt like I had no idea what I was doing playing Cara. I was sure they would fire me after a month or two after starting season two. My confusion of not knowing how to play her started to come off and read as funny. And then Cara became funny but that was really Tabrett just trying to mask – what the hell do I do with this line?

This is an excerpt from a new interview with Tabrett by Ilana Rapp of NYCastings. They talked about Tabrett’s unbelievable popularity with Legend of the Seeker, how she became Cara and being in Dhoom: 3, Oren, and many other things. It’s a lengthy interview that will be sure to satisfy all you fans. Click here to read it!

LA Talk Radio with Andy Steinhauser

On March 25, 2014 (this post is a bit late…), Tabrett, Tahyna Tozzi-MacManus (director) and Kai Lillie (producer) guest-starred on an LA radio talk show called The Story with Andy Steinhauser. On the show they talked about their new project together, Oren, the origins of the movie, funding it, their fanbases and more.  Tabrett talks about why she moved to LA, the popularity of Legend of the Seeker and Cara (around the middle of the show), dancing Bollywood-style in Dhoom:3 (which is the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time!), and speaking in an Australian accent on Mistresses. Continue reading to find out how to listen to this interview.

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Dhoom 3 and miscellaneous pictures

We added a new gallery with images from Dhoom 3, taken from the Instagram account “tabrettbethell“, which seems to be a fan account that has pretty neat pictures for you. Additionally we added some other pictures from another Instagram account, “therealtabrettbethell“, that might be the real account of Tabrett. If you know anything about its validity, please tell us.

UPDATE: It is indeed the real Tabrett!

Tabrett in Dhoom 3

There was a promotional video for Dhoom 3 released – and it has Tabrett in it. You can see her from about 0:42 min:

Dhoom 3

Bollywood is calling for Tabrett!
According to this source Tab is joining the Bollywood action movie “Dhoom 3” alongside the actors Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif. The movie is a sequel to the previous 2 Dhoom flicks and will be released in early 2013.