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Another Savage in Limbo Signing: Tony

Remember Autograph Guy? His friend (I assume) was at Savage in Limbo with him, but we completely missed him. Tony wrote a wonderful two paragraphs (source):

I really liked the show Legend of the Seeker and wished it would have gotten more seasons. My favorite character was bad-ass-super-hot Cara, who was played by Tabrett Bethell. I had never met Tabrett before, so when I read online that she would be doing a three day play called Savage in Limbo I decided to go and try to meet her and hopefully get her autograph.

Lucky me, not only did I get to meet Tabrett but she was incredibly nice. She stopped and talked with me and my buddy, signed autographs, took pictures.  I had eleven photos along (three 11×14 and eight 8x10s) and she signed them all for me, and I also got a picture with her. Always great to meet a celebrity you like for the first time and they turn out to be really nice in person.

Here’s the entire gallery again, with Tony’s pictures added.

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Savage in Limbo: Photos!

Remember when Bridget Regan said she saw Tabrett in L.A.? Well, as it turns out, Tabrett performed in a play called Savage in Limbo a few weeks after that. The play was written by John Patrick Shanley and directed by Tahnya Tozzi, who acted in the play herself. Other actors include Trilby Glover, David Coussins and Alexander DiPersia. The performances took place at The Other Space in West Hollywood on July 10, 11 and 13, 2012.

For more information about the play itself, go here.

The Autograph Guy met Tabrett at the play and took many photos. Of Tabrett, he said:

Tabrett, who played Cara on Legend, was in Hollywood a couple days ago performing in a play so I went to check it out and she was SUPER nice!

About 2 hours after I showed up she showed up and was really excited to sign when me and my friend asked her (we were the only 2 people waiting for her.)

I had a bunch of photos for her, 13 to be exact, and she signed all of them! Thank you Tabrett for being so cool.

He even found out that Tabrett now lives in LA, two blocks away from Bridget Regan (read his words).
Tozzi, the director, also had some great pictures on her twitter. Photos galore after the break!

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[Projects] Tabrett’s Birthday Next Month, Facebook Contest

May is Happy Birthday Tabrett Month (and yes, that phrase was coined right here).

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Tabrett in Toronto, Canada, for Poe (Autograph!)

As you all know, Tabrett recently began filming for ABC’s pilot TV Show Poe, in which she plays the role of Sarah. Early in March, she was spotted by Will, a fellow fan located in Toronto.

Bethell who is still getting familiarized with Toronto, crossed paths with me and after spotting her, she confessed that all she wanted really was to find a proper Juice Shop, after wandering about unable to find one in the area.  In exchange for us taking a Photo together, I put my Blackberry to use helping her locate a Booster Juice in the area and she was thankful, enjoying her Carrot-blend Beverage needed to power her up for a day of work. She also whispered to me that co-star Egan should be arriving soon. (See entire post from Will here)

Equally as exciting, Will managed to get an autograph that he will be giving out to the fans! Enter to win it here. The winner will be chosen randomly on April 15, 2011.

[Projects] Tab Appreciation Deadline Reminder

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[Projects] Tabrett Appreciation Project

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