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Bridget Regan Talks About Tabrett (and an old video)

Bridget Regan at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, June 8th 2010:

And a clip from Brennan Muhoberac’s 2008 showreel:

Charisma Carpenter talks about Tabrett Bethell

Here is a podcast where Charisma Carpenter talks about Tabrett.  (From Sydney’s Supanova Expo show in 2010)

She thinks Tabrett is the most gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth, and really talented.  That’s understandable.

(credit to Necros for finding this)

Tabrett in Toronto, Canada, for Poe (Autograph!)

As you all know, Tabrett recently began filming for ABC’s pilot TV Show Poe, in which she plays the role of Sarah. Early in March, she was spotted by Will, a fellow fan located in Toronto.

Bethell who is still getting familiarized with Toronto, crossed paths with me and after spotting her, she confessed that all she wanted really was to find a proper Juice Shop, after wandering about unable to find one in the area.  In exchange for us taking a Photo together, I put my Blackberry to use helping her locate a Booster Juice in the area and she was thankful, enjoying her Carrot-blend Beverage needed to power her up for a day of work. She also whispered to me that co-star Egan should be arriving soon. (See entire post from Will here)

Equally as exciting, Will managed to get an autograph that he will be giving out to the fans! Enter to win it here. The winner will be chosen randomly on April 15, 2011.

[Reviews] Another review of Seeker Season 2

Cinema Blend just popped up with a new review of a Legend of the Seeker Season 2 review.  Its a positive review of the show in general, but the reviewer correctly identifies the strength of Season 2 as being due to Tabrett.  Continue reading

[Other] Hot Girls In Science Fiction Shows

Once again, Tabrett tops the list, this time for Hot Girls In Science Fiction Shows. It’s from a rather obscure site with really bad grammar, but certainly tells us how many people out there love our Tabrett.

1 Tabrett Bethell
If you seen Legend of the Seeker, one could no doubt have noticed Tabrett Bethell represented Cara, a murder-Sith. Away from the screen, born Aussie Tabrett worked as a model with cheerleader who in turn contributes into its overall appeal of the scorching gal on the street. Tabrett has the actual look harmless, while the display it as a tremendous model. Tabrett comes off the screen as a right into the earth & sensual Run, the girl’s face as one of the most impressive women’s characteristics.

Other than horrible grammar, one thing to note: They spelled “Mord-Sith” as “murder-Sith.” It’s probably accidental, but it’s amusing.

[Reviews] ‘’ review of ‘The Clinic’

Here is the first review of The Clinic from

Continue reading

[Reviews] Legend of the Seeker Season 2 DVD Reviews

There are a few reviews that have popped up, regarding the recent release of Seeker Season 2 on DVD. I have collected them here. Continue reading to see what critics have to say about Tabrett’s performance of Cara.

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[Other] Tabrett’s name used to spice up articles

Tabrett’s name is being used to sell politics.  Here’s a link to some guy’s boring rant about TeaParty politics (USA centric), but manages to somehow drop Tabrett’s name in hopes that someone will read it.  Just an example of Tabrett’s influence… and hotness.

AFI Insider features Tabrett

Watch this Face: Tabrett Bethell

Posted at the Australian Film Institute’s (AFI) website:

In this new series, we highlight some of our industry’s bright stars on the rise.

Tabrett Bethell recently won the Best Actress Award at the Manhattan Film Festival for her role in Campbell Graham’s Sydney-set romantic drama Anyone You Want – a film which also won the Indie Spirit Best Storyline Award at the Boston International Film Festival 2010.

Bethell also stars in James Rabbitts’ Aussie thriller The Clinic, which premiered at MIFF this year, and is currently appearing on Fox8 as lead character ‘Cara’ in the popular US Disney fantasy series Legend of the Seeker.

Go here to read at AFI.