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Bridget Regan Talks About Tabrett (and an old video)

Bridget Regan at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, June 8th 2010:

And a clip from Brennan Muhoberac’s 2008 showreel:

Charisma Carpenter talks about Tabrett Bethell

Here is a podcast where Charisma Carpenter talks about Tabrett.  (From Sydney’s Supanova Expo show in 2010)

She thinks Tabrett is the most gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth, and really talented.  That’s understandable.

(credit to Necros for finding this)

Fangoria mentions The Clinic US DVD release

Clinic’s release is now moved up to August 9, according to Fangoria’s website.  They have a brief article about the movie.  All North American fans of Tabrett (and Andy Whitfield for that matter) need to be sure to buy their copy.  You can pre-order at Amazon as well.

For full list of all countries where The Clinic is available, visit this blog.

Update: ‘Poe’ is dead

The pilot show for Poe, co-starring our lovely Tabrett Bethell, is said to be canceled.  ABC did not pick it up for the fall lineup.  This is not surprising for several reasons: a) most pilots don’t get picked up, b) the writers/producers had not cast Tabrett as a main character nor a very interesting character, c) the word is out that the script wasn’t very good.

You can read some details about Tab’s role here.

UPDATE (6/16/11): A website called “The Futon Critic” has written a detailed article about the Poe pilot.  They only make one slight reference to Tabrett, which is further indication that her role was small.

Along the way we meet … Sarah Royster (Tabrett Bethell), Poe’s childhood love whom he keeps at arm’s length rather than draw into his darkness.

You can read all about it here.

[Reviews] Another review of Seeker Season 2

Cinema Blend just popped up with a new review of a Legend of the Seeker Season 2 review.  Its a positive review of the show in general, but the reviewer correctly identifies the strength of Season 2 as being due to Tabrett.  Continue reading

[Other] Hot Girls In Science Fiction Shows

Once again, Tabrett tops the list, this time for Hot Girls In Science Fiction Shows. It’s from a rather obscure site with really bad grammar, but certainly tells us how many people out there love our Tabrett.

1 Tabrett Bethell
If you seen Legend of the Seeker, one could no doubt have noticed Tabrett Bethell represented Cara, a murder-Sith. Away from the screen, born Aussie Tabrett worked as a model with cheerleader who in turn contributes into its overall appeal of the scorching gal on the street. Tabrett has the actual look harmless, while the display it as a tremendous model. Tabrett comes off the screen as a right into the earth & sensual Run, the girl’s face as one of the most impressive women’s characteristics.

Other than horrible grammar, one thing to note: They spelled “Mord-Sith” as “murder-Sith.” It’s probably accidental, but it’s amusing.

Tabrett Comes to LA for Australian Film Week

Tabrett Bethell is in Los Angeles this week for Australian Film Festival!

From Film Ink’s article:

As Australian Film week kicks off in L.A – the international heartland of film and television, it seems only fitting that Screenwise – Australia’s Leading Film and Television School prepares to celebrate a decade of screen education for aspiring and working actors in Sydney.

Founded by well-known Australian actress Denise Roberts (most recently of Channel 9’s ‘Cops L.A.C’), Screenwise has produced some of Australia’s leading screen talent with recent Screenwise graduates including Logie-award winner Todd Lasance, PACKED TO THE RAFTERS’ George Houvardas, SPARTACUS’ Andy Whitfield, and the 2010 New York Film festival’s Best actress and ‘Legend of the Seeker’ star Tabrett Bethell.

Guests for the star-studded gala include stalwarts and newcomers such as Peter Phelps (‘Rescue Special Ops’), George Houvardas (‘Packed to the Rafters’), Barry Crocker, Tabrett Bethell (‘Legend of the Seeker’), Kristian Schmidt, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Di Smith, Todd Lasance (‘Cloud Street’, ‘Underbelly’, ‘Home & Away’) and Gary Sweet (‘Cops L.A.C’. ‘The Pacific’).

‘Seeker Finds Herself’

The short article that Herald Sun (an Australian newspaper) wrote about Tabrett Bethell surfaced after I found the picture of Tabrett that it featured. It was published July 27, 2010. Back then we only had the picture and half the first paragraph. Now we have the full article (thanks to Necros). It is short, but any word from Tabrett is a treasure…

Continue reading

[Reviews] ‘’ review of ‘The Clinic’

Here is the first review of The Clinic from

Continue reading

[Reviews] Legend of the Seeker Season 2 DVD Reviews

There are a few reviews that have popped up, regarding the recent release of Seeker Season 2 on DVD. I have collected them here. Continue reading to see what critics have to say about Tabrett’s performance of Cara.

Continue reading

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