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Legend of the Seeker on Hulu

Hulu is once again featuring Legend of the Seeker on their front page. Right now, they have all 22 episodes of Season 1 available to stream in the US (unfortunately not in other countries, at least not legally).

Although Tabrett Bethell does not appear in Season 1 as Cara until the season finale (episode 22 ‘Reckoning’), I am posting this here because trending Seeker on Hulu will raise awareness, a major part of the Save Our Seeker campaign to bring back the cast for more seasons. If you can, stream some episodes, even in the background and on mute. And if you haven’t already, watch ‘Reckoning’. Tabrett is wicked in it.

Here is a more detailed explanation about why you should do this, and here is the link to Legend of the Seeker on Hulu.

DVD sales can help ‘Save Our Seeker’

Here’s an entertainment writer who agrees with me that massive DVD sales of Season 2 could go a long way towards saving Seeker, or at least opening the doors to a film.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered (or want to order for a friend), go to Save Our Seeker. Anything you buy on Amazon through this link will benefit the SOS campaign. The official release date is September 28, 2010.

Let’s bring Tabrett back on the set of Legend of the Seeker!