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Tabrett in Mistresses

Tabrett appears in Mistresses seasons 4 as a regular named Kate Davis. Here are some stills from it:


UPDATE January 18, 2015: Sorry, everyone. I didn’t realize the YouTube video had been taken down. Good thing I’d saved it! I have uploaded it on our site for you to enjoy.

There is an audition video of Tabrett in Vimeo with the title “The Tomorrow People”. Unfortunately there is no further information. I would guess it is an audition video for the new “The CW” series “The Tomorrow People”, that you can find more information about here.

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The Clinic on Showtime

If you are in the US, catch The Clinic this month!

Showtimes for June 2012 are (in EST):

Sunday, June 3, 4:20 PM

Tuesday, June 5, 4:00 AM

Friday, June 15, 12:10 PM

Thursday, June 28, 5:25 PM

For more detailed information, go to Showtime’s page.

Congratulations to The Clinic for being shown on television!

Bridget Regan Talks About Tabrett (and an old video)

Bridget Regan at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, June 8th 2010:

And a clip from Brennan Muhoberac’s 2008 showreel:

Charisma Carpenter talks about Tabrett Bethell

Here is a podcast where Charisma Carpenter talks about Tabrett.  (From Sydney’s Supanova Expo show in 2010)

She thinks Tabrett is the most gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth, and really talented.  That’s understandable.

(credit to Necros for finding this)

Tabrett’s scenes from the failed ‘Poe’ pilot

We have a new 6:22 minute video with every scene featuring Tabrett’s character Sarah, or mention of the character.  You can see for yourself why the show failed, but its still nice to see Tabrett in something new (although I don’t love how they did her hair in this show).

Click here to view the compilation: Tabrett Bethell (Sarah) Scenes, credit to Watch Today.

Update: ‘Poe’ is dead

The pilot show for Poe, co-starring our lovely Tabrett Bethell, is said to be canceled.  ABC did not pick it up for the fall lineup.  This is not surprising for several reasons: a) most pilots don’t get picked up, b) the writers/producers had not cast Tabrett as a main character nor a very interesting character, c) the word is out that the script wasn’t very good.

You can read some details about Tab’s role here.

UPDATE (6/16/11): A website called “The Futon Critic” has written a detailed article about the Poe pilot.  They only make one slight reference to Tabrett, which is further indication that her role was small.

Along the way we meet … Sarah Royster (Tabrett Bethell), Poe’s childhood love whom he keeps at arm’s length rather than draw into his darkness.

You can read all about it here.

Tabrett in Toronto, Canada, for Poe (Autograph!)

As you all know, Tabrett recently began filming for ABC’s pilot TV Show Poe, in which she plays the role of Sarah. Early in March, she was spotted by Will, a fellow fan located in Toronto.

Bethell who is still getting familiarized with Toronto, crossed paths with me and after spotting her, she confessed that all she wanted really was to find a proper Juice Shop, after wandering about unable to find one in the area.  In exchange for us taking a Photo together, I put my Blackberry to use helping her locate a Booster Juice in the area and she was thankful, enjoying her Carrot-blend Beverage needed to power her up for a day of work. She also whispered to me that co-star Egan should be arriving soon. (See entire post from Will here)

Equally as exciting, Will managed to get an autograph that he will be giving out to the fans! Enter to win it here. The winner will be chosen randomly on April 15, 2011.

Tabrett cast in pilot TV show: ‘Poe’

Tabrett Bethell has been cast in the pilot of a TV show called ‘Poe‘, produced by Warner Brothers TV.

Tab plays Poe’s leading lady and muse named Sarah, making her the leading actress.  (Tab’s Sarah character is possibly Sarah Elmira Royster whom historical Poe was factually involved with.)  Here is how they describe the show:  “Warner Bros. TV and L1n Pictures, Poe is a crime procedural following Edgar Allan Poe (Egan), the world’s very first detective, as he uses unconventional methods to investigate dark mysteries in 1840s Boston.”

Poe is played by Chris Egan.  Poe is infamous for having married his young cousin Virginia Clemm (not played by Tabrett), who died tragically. Among his best known works are the poems “Annabel Lee” and “The Raven” and his short stories “The Black Cat”, “The Cask of Amontillado”, “The Masque of the Red Death”, and “The Murders in the Rue Morgue.”

The pilot will be filmed in Toronto in March 2011 (March 14 to March 31).

This is fantastic news.  Well done Tabrett, and we will certainly be following this as news comes out.

UPDATE: From sources familiar with the script, Tabrett’s character is not a leading lady in the pilot.

[Reviews] Another review of Seeker Season 2

Cinema Blend just popped up with a new review of a Legend of the Seeker Season 2 review.  Its a positive review of the show in general, but the reviewer correctly identifies the strength of Season 2 as being due to Tabrett.  Continue reading

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