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Sanctuary short on Indieflix

Sanctuary, a short movie starring Tabrett (we reported a while ago), is now available on Indieflix. Tabrett plays the role of Lia, here is the summary of the plot:

After witnessing her father’s murder, Lia is institutionalized to help her recover, but the memory of her father’s murder continues to haunt her. As a coping strategy she retreats to her Sanctuary where her memories and the real world start to collide.

Indieflix is an online video streaming platform focused on independent movies.

You can find Sanctuary here:

Here it is, the first trailer for the Oren movie:

The Loaded Calendar 2004

A old video has surfaced of behind-the-scenes at the photoshoot for Fantasy Island 2004, a calendar for Loaded magazine. Tabrett is April and August. There is also a photo of the back of the calendar, which includes all the other girls as well. I was not able to find pictures of the inside of the calendar.

UPDATE 8/10/2014: The seller (Isellanything.2012 of eBay) has kindly taken pictures of Tabrett’s months in the calendar. They have been added to the gallery.

UPDATE 8/23/2014: The video has been taken off Vimeo, but uploaded on Youtube, along with another video containing more behind the scenes with Tabrett.

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Oren: From the Mud Grows the Lotus (a Kickstarter campaign)

The new movie of Tabrett, Oren, has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund money for the production. Please support it on its page. Watch the campaign clip below and enjoy some Tabrett:

Tabrett in Dhoom 3

There was a promotional video for Dhoom 3 released – and it has Tabrett in it. You can see her from about 0:42 min:

UPDATE January 18, 2015: Sorry, everyone. I didn’t realize the YouTube video had been taken down. Good thing I’d saved it! I have uploaded it on our site for you to enjoy.

There is an audition video of Tabrett in Vimeo with the title “The Tomorrow People”. Unfortunately there is no further information. I would guess it is an audition video for the new “The CW” series “The Tomorrow People”, that you can find more information about here.

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Sanctuary Trailer

Tabrett as Vesper from James Bond

This looks like a recent (possible) audition where Tabrett is saying the lines of Vesper Lynd from the James Bond novel and movies, Casino Royale. This character has been previously portrayed by Ursula Andress (1967) and Eva Green (2006), both of whom won BAFTA awards for this same character.

Bridget Regan Talks About Tabrett (and an old video)

Bridget Regan at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, June 8th 2010:

And a clip from Brennan Muhoberac’s 2008 showreel:

Charisma Carpenter talks about Tabrett Bethell

Here is a podcast where Charisma Carpenter talks about Tabrett.  (From Sydney’s Supanova Expo show in 2010)

She thinks Tabrett is the most gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth, and really talented.  That’s understandable.

(credit to Necros for finding this)

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